Day 182 Week 27 Q2 Sunday, June 30, 2024

Today, I want to talk about 1000 X and the need to be in a feedback loop with reality, or actually several, each of which has the potential to change things by a factor of 10 and multiplicatively possibly come up to 1000.

The need for exponential change instead of linear change is not something to take for granted. Most people can’t do it, and most people don’t need it, and most people can’t deal with it. On the other hand, there are some people who Bill Veltrop calls infinite players, with both the need and the capacity. I am one of those people capable of playing an infinite game. And just as exists in the American National political situation,  the time is now because it is too risky not to make a change.

Almost everyone resists change as long as they can, and almost everyone eventually gets to a point where they have to embrace at least a minimal amount of change. These times are predictable and plentiful, such as graduating from school, moving to a new city, state, or country, getting married, starting a company, or trying to change the world in any other way.

These situations do not usually involve incremental change; they involve exponential change, and when people pretend that there will be no change, they’re fooling themselves. After all, if they didn’t want those changes to occur, then they should not have engaged in the behaviors leading to those changes in identity.

If a person wants to change themselves dramatically, they are going to have to take actions that will cause this to occur. Just being on the path is not good enough because the path begins internally and does not begin to bear fruit until an individual gets into a feedback loop with an external reality. The iteration begins in response to the feedback. This can be a very dramatic dance, where you can lose the steps and be out of sync with your partners.

But you have to be slightly out of sync with your partners; otherwise, things will not change at all. The question is how much synchronization is required and how much rapport is required to support the lack of synchronization.  

The individual desiring 1000 exchange has to begin by determining some potential changes of Ten X. Are there things that you know that you were capable of doing that might change your life by such a large and exponential factor? Are you doing them? Are they working? Are you getting feedback? And most importantly, do you have a part of your life dedicated every day to making these changes?

If no part of your life is dedicated to making these changes, it is the equivalent of being a CEO and expecting something to happen with having no one in charge of it or responsible for it occurring. You have to pick a time slot that is sacrosanct to do this work and not allowed to be bumped. The duration is less important than the continuity; although deep dives are required, and they take more than half an hour, they normally take at least two hours, and four would be better if you want to get to 1000x.