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Day 179 Week 27 Q2 Tuesday, June 28, 2022

My New Ibby 7-String

Here are some words about my first Blog Sphere. There are actually a lot of stories to tell right here and right now as we are completing the second quarter of 2022. Seriously Q2 2022! And the summer solstice has just passed. And the summer has just begun and we have completed the winter and the spring and I am celebrating all of this by giving myself a present on the very day I am creating my very first Blog Sphere I wonder if there is a way to include a Sibelius file in the Sphere and there may very well be if there is a way to put this file into the gallery but we get ahead of ourselves and this is not necessary for me to declare success.

But I do feel like talking a little bit about this special object which is celebrating a rather large change in statement, direction, intention and arc. In short, I am now beginning officially my body of work and the item is an unlikely but very appropriate creativity expression tool.

It is a musical instrument and of course, that makes a lot of sense and it is a 7-string guitar which of course is where I have probably headed all along and this will, by the way, transcend the baritone and the guitar and the bass wrapping them all into a single instrument. SO first of all there are very few 7-string guitarists who do interleave bass, melody, rhythm and can also sing. I am about to become one going the ranks of the host of radio deluxe who is married to Jessica Moalnsky and the is mr John Pizzarelli.

In fact he is the only one I know who can do this and perhaps he does have some originals and I suspect he does and no I am not trying to compete with him or anyone else for the matter, but I do want Tobe as good as he is and think I can be and may in fact already be. And some fo the things I can do in addition to fingerstyle seven-string and vocals can of course be using loopers, suntan fattening pedals and just possibly adding a GK-3 pickup IO have or adding a Fishman Midi pickup. We will see for this instrument is a pearl white Ibanez version of a Strat but with only a three-position switch which after all is what I am used to.

But this machine will look so different from anything I own or have ever wanted to own that is most certainly will stand out in my collection and yes it is the baseline project guitar for me to be an orchestral guitar player capable of doing a solo gig with some smaller battery-powered Bose speakers and perhaps augmented by a Spark Mini for $300 the five-pound DSP backpack-able amp.

I want you to imagine walking into the door of Ray’s studio in August with a backpacked guitar and amp that is totally wireless but has an output to feed a stereo system. And I want to be an orchestra!

Okay, that image is very very clear and let us see what I can do now.