A New Hat

Day 359 Week 52 Q4 Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Sometimes all you need is a new hat I’m growing up. I really enjoyed wearing hats because they were instant identity changers. Put on a cowboy hat or beret, and you were a different person. We still change hats a lot in life, and yes, this is a metaphor, which is sometimes actually accompanied by a real hat change.

If we change from an engineer to a manager and then from a manager to an executive who manages other managers, and then finally to a board member. Or from playing music as a hobby to playing music as a professional. Sometimes, you need a new hat for these things, but most often, it is inside your head, not on top of it.

Occasionally, however, you do get to do it with a real, and that is great fun. And sometimes, as you get older and have less hair, there’s even the fringe benefit of covering that up more of simply being warmer. It is actually quite amazing how many different things I can accomplish and how quickly.

I recommend that everybody have several because you never know when you might need a quick identity change.

Now, I noticed some would consider wearing a hat as childish or impolite or not formal enough, but I think they are being too serious because hats are fun, practical, diverse, and most of all, instantaneous. How many things can you do in your life that are an instantaneous identity change? And as it is winter now, this is the best time of all to put on a hat because it’s cold out. And just maybe when it gets warmer, if you’re wearing the right hat, you may not want to take it off. After all, new identities are great fun to Tryon and sometimes even permanently inhabit.

Now, suppose you are a performer, such as a musician. In that case, you have a free pass to wear whatever you want, and combining being a performer with being the winter, well, there is absolutely no excuse not to try some instant hat identity changes.

And since it is the holiday season, and the winter and a point of inflection, professionally from engineer to musician, and the winter solstice, there are just too many different reasons to come up with a good excuse not to metaphorically and physically change identity with a hat or three.

It’s also a good time to take a picture of the hat and send out a season greetings card, so not only can you do an identity shift, whether it’s playful or real, but you can send it out and keep everybody guessing, including yourself.

Do you see how much fun you can have with a new hat?