A Walk is All

Sometimes a walk is all that is needed. Not a major undertaking of creative expression, nor a master planning session, but just a walk and not even necessarily a physical get up and put on your shoes walk. Assuming you have one, just a walk in your morning practice routine, whatever that may be. And if you do not have one, you might want to consider getting one or inventing one. And the reason is that sometimes A Walk is ALL. A Walk is All You Need to get back on Track.

Maybe the most recent events did not satisfy you, throwing you off your game. Getting back on track and in your stride may be all you have to do. Not some re-engineering or reimagining of a process or commencing a new one. Yes, new beginnings are one way to mask old difficulties. And old difficulties are any that occurred before this second. So, yesterday is gone, and it is over. Sure, some lessons need to be learned, but not necessarily large enough to change your process when all that may be needed is to get back to your old process and by old, I mean before this moment.

As one who has often masked prior disappointment with new beginnings, I find it safes oh so much grief and energy to simply remind myself that all I really need to do is to get back on my most recent prior process, the one that was apparently working until just before this most recent disappointment and re-up and recommit. And that translates into, for me, a walk is all.

Sure, I can exercise my creative muscles, or my complaining muscles, or whatever different set of distracting muscles I can deploy to distract myself. Sometimes there is nothing to figure out, avoid, or fix. Some of the time, a walk is all you need.

What is the equivalent of a walk for you? If you are a mountain climber, it might not look like a walk to a surfer unless perhaps you are both. If you are a composer, simply exercising the last level of expertise you have achieved may look like a mountain to others but maybe a walk for you. If you only write four pages daily, like Jack London, that is a walk for you. But if you sweat over every paragraph and take two hours to get started, it may be off-putting and look impossible for you. That is not a walk. A walk is something easy and familiar, and comfortable. An activity that is both on your critical path and easy for you.

You do not need to do a complex reset after every hiccup. Sometimes a walk is all.