Accept But Qualify Hallucinations

Day 186 Week 27 Q3 Thursday, July 4, 2024

At the moment, many people are concerned that artificial intelligence tends to hallucinate. Why should this be surprising to us? All of us tend to hallucinate. CEOs, the president of the United States, and people do not need to take drugs to hallucinate, although many do. Creative people are always accused of hallucinating because we see things that don’t exist yet. Where do you think tomorrow comes from? Everything comes from hallucination. We imagine our way forward. Because we are imagining, we are not always going to get it right because, after all, imagining is not reality. At least, it is not a reality until you make it. Outliers manifest their hallucinations, and that is where their reality comes from. If we could not manifest our hallucinations, we would be heartbroken because we would be stuck with the present, and it is not often, or at least not always, the way we want things to be.

Is it fair to expect artificial intelligence to avoid hallucinating when we, as real people, often find ourselves in similar states of mind? There’s a lot of what we call manipulation in our world. Businesses manipulate us into buying things we don’t need. Politicians try to manipulate us into voting for them. Even those who ask us on dates are trying to convince us. But is this really manipulation, or is it a shared hallucination, or is it simply the way things are, and we’ve come to accept it?

Or does it? Let’s tell people the truth and let them decide on their own merits and with their judgment what to do. That has always been my preferred path, but it did not necessarily make me a better politician or businessman. My colleagues told me I was naïve because I assumed that people could form their judgments and make up their minds and wanted to know the truth.

Ultimately, the responsibility lies with us to distinguish reality from hallucination. Fortunately, we have a powerful tool at our disposal-the scientific method. When in doubt about what’s real, we can always conduct experiments to uncover the truth. We might not all be skilled experimenters, but that’s where the scientific community comes in. We have a dedicated group of scientists and engineers who spend their lives unraveling the mysteries of our world, empowering us to discern reality from illusion. 

Instead of making decisions in a vacuum, consider conducting experiments and gathering empirical evidence to support or refute your beliefs. If you find yourself unable to gather evidence for what you believe to be true and real, there’s a high chance you’re being manipulated, whether you’re aware of it or not. You might prefer to escape and consume what’s fed to you, but remember, not everyone is content with that. There are large groups of people who demand evidence and won’t accept alternative facts. So, don’t be afraid to demand evidence and take control of your reality.

Do we hallucinate? Of course, we do. How could we not if we are at all engaged in the creation of tomorrow? So don’t be so hard on hallucinating. Just try to qualify it and determine how far away from reality you are and what you are exposed to. But don’t blame AI if you do not want to take responsibility for discovering where reality is. 

Accept But Qualify Hallucinations