Actionable AI

Do you want a new vantage point pretty rapidly? Faster than ever before? Use a ChatBot! I am dead serious about this life-changing tech. And I have been around tech for several decades, rarely uttering these words. I was not interested in getting the first rev smartphone, tablet, electric car, or any other great technical breakthroughs until I let a few generations go by with the resulting iterating and debugging. My time became too valuable to jump on bandwagons when I broke 35. I was no longer willing to be a guinea pig. It even took me a few years to think that computers were worthwhile. But the day it became obvious that this was a tool too powerful to continue to ignore, I was forced to embrace it around 1970.

AI has been just around the corner for many decades, but that significant corner has been turned, perhaps more so for creative outliers than anyone else. I am not talking about the fiscal, ethical, manipulative combination of fear and greed conversations. And yes, this week Microsoft has just released an easy-to-use version integrated with Office this week as the latest announcement regarding very easy-to-use conversation AI. I am not writing about which companies have accomplished what, whose market caps will be impacted, and who will lose jobs. These are all important topics, but not for me at this time. I am writing about most Creative Outliers’ need for an assistant who does not get in their way, a very smart assistant who is, at this moment, essentially a free sounding board. And a very special type of sounding board.

We all have many questions and sometimes have no idea who to ask. Try asking a chatbot. Don’t just take my word for it. Ask around. Many extremely intelligent people are learning a ton from chatbots right now. This does not mean they are a panacea, as they certainly are not. They can lie apparently accidentally or deliberately. When dealing with power tools, experts, and consultants, you must use your judgment and discrimination as with doctors, lawyers and chatbots. You need practice as there is and probably will be a learning curve indefinitely as these are learning moving targets. You also can not avoid any of these forever. I have a very simple message, learn to leverage yourself with artificial intelligence.

Of course, you can ignore them for the short term, but this is like ignoring the idiot lights to check your engine or the blasting siren when the police tell you to pull over. You can also live in a big city and not know how to drive, but I can assure you that much of the world will remain extremely inconvenient or, at minimum, hidden. You do not need to become an expert or take a course. Just play around and experiment with a chatbot. think about how you will answer the question during your next job interview when asked if you use AI. It will be better if yo ask yourself before someone else does.