Actionable Vantage Point Introduction 

Day 56 Week 8 Q1  Saturday, February 25, 2023

Actionable Vantage Point, or AVP, is a point of view from which a problem can be solved. There always exists an Actionable Vantage Point! Here is where being a creative outlier is your friend. When you are looking at the world, in general, you can imagine how it can be better than it is. This means you can never be stuck, as you can always imagine something you can do to make things better. 

The AVP approach to situations is more specific than the above statement. Here is what you can do. First, take a clear look at the situation or problem or opportunity that needs to be addressed. Then zoom out far enough to where it does not look like such a problem. Yes, I am asking you to shift your perspective to a larger one and, if needed, a much larger one. Zoom out as far as you need to so the problem no longer looks overwhelming. 

When you zoomed all the way out, can you see a destination or solution? I did not say a path. I said a destination. Say you were in Chicago and wanted to get to London. How far would you have to zoom out to see them both on a screen? Well, it depends on your large screen size, doesn’t it? If 1” equals 10 miles.  Then you would need a 40-inch screen to see that distance of 4,000 miles. This is a metaphor, not an exercise asking you to look at a map.

Until you can see where you are and where you are going, it is hard and even pointless to imagine a single path, as surely there must be multiple paths. The first step is to see where you are and where you want to be at the same time, and that is how far out you have to zoom.  It does not have to be distance; it can be zoomed out in time. Look at a year, not a month or, if needed, a decade. The point is not to focus on distance, time, or money but on the power of changing perspectives because this is an act of imagination. As I assume I am communicating with creative outliers, you have more than normal amounts of imagination. 

This means you can imagine multiple perspectives and probably naturally do this all of the time. Use your imagination to determine a perspective where you can see the situation that needs to change and the changed situation at the same time. Once you can see the source and the destination, you can then begin to look at options and paths to get from one to the other. Once you can see both simultaneously, zoom in closer to see the probably multiple connecting paths.

The perspective from which you can begin to see connecting pathways is the Actionable Vantage Point because it is from here that you can begin to take action. This requires changing perspectives zooming out and in. You have the imagination for this!