Aesthetic Engineering Matters

Day 106 Week 16 Q2 Monday, April 15, 2024

The bottom line is there is always going to be a trade-off between technical robustness and emotional relevancy, and you cannot assume the two will be unbalanced, but you can assume that you have to work toward keeping them in balance otherwise they will not be.

It is difficult to produce results that are both emotionally relevant, and technically robust although this seems to be what it’s called for in most situations. This is because things are not emotionally relevant, they are simply irrelevant at all. Intellectual relevance does not much of a factor in most peoples lives. Most of the world is only engaged by what is emotionally relevant if it is not emotionally relevant it is not emotionally engaging and if it is not emotionally engaging, then it is not engaging at all.

But if it is only fleetingly, emotionally, engaging,then it is only fleetingly. emotionally irrelevant and that is a problem. But this is where routine comes in. For if you have one, you can get back to a state of balance, or if you do not have one you will constantly be falling off the horse and getting back on. This is in effective use of time as you spend a lot of time not on the horse. But we do need to try different things on regular basis to make sure that we are doing the right thing and the only way to do that is to empirically validate.

The balance between the heart and the mind, or the aesthetics and the logistics, carries through everything from website design to automobile design and for me at the moment also for being an author. For what you write is only logistically coherent, but non-emotionally relevant than it doesn’t matter at all. on the other hand if it emotionally feels good during the expression process, but requires a massive amount of logistical correction in the form of editing and proofreading that too is a problem.

The logistical engineering part of the equation is to keep on budget and schedule and do it all reliably and predictably, but not overly so about the predictability. But we doubt the emotional aesthetic, spark, the whole exercises, completely irrelevant, and not worth doing. For no one will pay attention to some thing that is logistically, consistent, but emotionally barren.

Frequently the balance between the heart and the mind requires a team, but if a person can balance their heart and mind themselves internally that is preferable. A single integrated person can be far more efficient and effective at a team in terms of aesthetic area when the full set of skills required are available to a single individual. This cannot be counted upon, but does become available it is worth celebrating and perpetuating.

Because Aesthetic Engineering Matters