AI as Consultant

Day 348 Week 50 Q4 Friday, December 15, 2023

Artificial intelligence has truly come of age this year to the point where ordinary people can use it for ordinary tasks. And like all tools, especially those that become ubiquitous, it is worth taking a look at what the ramifications are of this change and capability. We know that not all new capabilities are always good for us, so we monitor them to make sure that we use them appropriately. You can wreck your life with credit cards or sex, too. So, lots of things that are wonderful can also be problematic. We all know this, and the way we will work with AI is no different.

Most of us have been using GPS systems for quite some time. Now, once they made it out of cars into telephones, they became ubiquitous, apart from the obvious benefit of thinking that you were never lost. There’s also the difficulty that sometimes when you do know where you are and where you are going, a GPS system will tell you to do nonsensical things. They do this a lot less now than they used to. But when you live in a coastal community on the ocean, and the GPS systems try to direct you into the sea, every once in a while, you grow to take their advice with a grain of salt; otherwise, you end up in the salt water.

We have a large number of advisors in our lives that come about through all manner of transactions, whether they be getting advice at a hardware store or getting advice from the doctor, financial advisor, friend, or parent. We know that not all of the advice we get agrees with each other, and we take steps to determine what makes the most sense for us to do. In order to do this, sometimes we have to ignore advice because we have determined it to be false or at least not valuable to us. It may not even be relevant, but it can be stated with great authority.

Every person has to determine what to do with themselves and if your boss or your spouse or your child tells you something which is not sensible, then you feel free most of the time to ignore it. This is the relationship I have with artificial intelligence. It can provide beneficial advice, and it can also provide complete nonsense.

I suppose as it gets more reliable, I will listen to it more often, but it is hard for me to imagine ever trusting it more than myself. After all, I do not trust my political leaders, business leaders, or community leaders more than myself either. We each have to take responsibility for our lives and our actions and not take orders that don’t make sense. But of course, it is worth listening to multiple sources when you are determining a course of action. That is why I use AI occasionally as a consultant and will probably do this more in the future as it gets better. I decided to learn how to use it, but I am not worried about it taking my job or my life. I am worried about people attempting to abuse it. I’m far more worried about the number of guns we have in the world than the amount of artificial intelligence we have in the world to hook it up to a gun.