AI Enhanced Productivity 

Day 76 Week 11 Q1  Friday, March 17, 2023

Artificial Intelligence has been in the news a lot lately. Actually, if you are a techie like me, it has been in the news a lot for over fifty years. But something has changed, and it is in the air. In 1950 when Alan Touring was asked if machines could think, he described the Imitation Game. This was to test a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior indistinguishable from that of a human being. Eventually, this became known as the Turing Test.

Today in 2023, ChatBots have blown this test out of the water. Today, if we type a question to an AI, it types an answer back to us indistinguishable from one composed by a human. A new day has come. And with it, potentially new Actionable Vantage Points.

It does not matter if you think this is good or bad. It has happened and will not unhappen, for it is too powerful to ignore. I was exposed to my first computer in 1965 as a twelve-year-old. It was an IBM 360, and I thought using it was a waste of my time because I could add a pile of numbers and determine the answer a lot faster than writing a program, punching up cards, and submitting the job to process. 

By 1970 in only five years, it became clear to me that it did not matter what I thought about it because if I wanted to get a college degree in any kind of science, engineering or mathematics, it would be impossible in the near future without warning how to master using computers.  

We are at the same sort of threshold right now today. The ability to use AI in the near future to increase your productivity will be required by employers. Yes, this will not be true in all fields, but just as companies have asked job candidates if they could use Microsoft Office for the last twenty years, we can expect the same for using AI, machine learning, Chatbots, or whatever phrase and names emerge. 

In 2007 the first iPhone was unveiled. More than 2 billion have been sold since. More than 1.5 billion are active and online right now.  Microsoft is integrating Chatbots into Bing right now. This technology will be rapidly adopted because it is simply too powerful to ignore. 

I do not know about each of you, but I intend to become a chatbot ninja immediately because it will increase my ability to do many things.  And these are things I like and want and need to do as an involuntary innovator. There is zero doubt in my mind that my creative process can and will be enhanced in some manner by artificial intelligence.

Clearly, this will not work perfectly or even smoothly for a while, but it will not take very long. Our first smart phones were not too smart. They awkwardly could not even cut and paste! Every year, a ton of feedback integrated into new models has rapidly brought us through many generations of evolution. We now truly know how to iterate and are getting better at it all of the time.

Unless you are getting ready to retire, ignore AI at your peril.