All About Completion 

Day 63 Week 9 Q1  Saturday, March 4, 2023

There comes a time in a creative outliers life when they must go pro. This means although it is great fun being an effervescent creative charming young person with infinite potential that everyone fawns over some of the time, that simply being a bundle of potential does not cut it anymore. If you were born into a very wealthy family with parents who think they are patrons of your creativity and give you a trust fund, I suppose this time period can last a lifetime. I have known some, but not many, trust fund babies; they truly do not need to monetize their creativity.

For the rest of us, the day comes soon enough that we need to begin to earn a living. Even if we had scholarships or someone else paying our tuition for either college or an apprenticeship, there comes a time when you graduate and no longer need to be a student. And need to change from being an explorer researching possibilities to becoming a professional who chooses to complete things.  Your life does not have to become all about completion forever, but for a time, it does have to become all about completion.   Whether it is the completion of a degree or some other certification, you will have to cash in some of your outlier creative potential chips for some finished works.

Even if you have the good fortune I have had at times to be a professional researcher who is paid to explore, you still have to produce results. You have probably all heard the phrase publish or perish. The fact is it is hard to get paid for anything other than completion, which means ultimately, even if you are very creative to become a sustainable innovator, it does have to become all about completion.

I do not mean that the exploration, research and discovery end. I am saying that the reference frame changes from expending a ton of energy in many divergent exploratory directions to pouring your creative energies into some completion containers instead.   Completion becomes a higher priority when you want to professionalize your activities to the degree where they can be compensated.

The biggest difference between an amateur and a professional is getting paid.  Sustainability requires compensation. It is that simple. You can not be a sustainable innovator unless you become a professional innovator or a professional at something else to subsidies your creative endeavors. There are many cab drivers, waitpersons and other hospitality industry people who came to the big city to become an artist and subsidized their artistry by becoming professionals in other fields. 

Ultimately a creative life has to become all about completion in one form or another because it can be charming to be a young person with potential. It is not so charming to be an old person with potential.  We aero all on the path going from young to old. It is always time to trade in more of that potential for more completion.