Ambiance Importance 

Day 102 Week 15 Q2 Thursday, April 13, 2023

Have you ever found just the perfect circumstance to get things done? A certain kind of ambiance perhaps contributed to by the right chair, in the right light, surrounded by the right sound? This can be so supportive of the creative process.  Sure, you are the same person wherever you are and know what to do and how to do it, but is this really true? Or are you a bit distractible like the rest of us humans? 

There are times we feel a need to reduce the chaos in our offices, labs and studios. And sometimes, we succeed admirably in creating a somewhat optimal environment for who we are and what we need. I have had some phenomenal offices and some that were less so. My productivity varied enormously between these vastly differing situations. There have been times I had an east coast office, a west coast office, an east coast in my home office, and a west coast in the home office. In fact, for many years, I had four offices, and yes, it was silly and expensive. But it was also exciting to go from one to the other as I guess I like the variety, and sometimes one or another of these offices was killer. And yes, it depended on the seasons external and internal seasons, too, for we are not always the same way. At least, I am not always the same way. Are you? I doubt it.

The importance of ambiance can incredibly dominate productivity.  We can forget this until an optimal ambiance occurs for a specific time. Sometimes it is created by you, and sometimes it just happens. And it can be made to happen by others or even by you unconsciously. However, I get there, and when it does happen, I find lightness in my heart and a desire just to be there, even if I am not doing anything but soaking it in. 

Sometimes we are richer, and sometimes we are poorer, and our ambiance can drastically vary along with our fortunes, but it is never unimportant. For just as the majority of the talk we hear is self-talk, the majority of the ambiance we are enveloped by can and should be created by us. After all, the universe does impinge upon us every day and every second. And we respond to what the incoming brings to us. In extreme cases, we can either shut down or open up. And we usually have a great deal of influence over this. 

However, we frequently ignore how much influence we can have and must have over our surroundings.  As creative outliers, we are more sensitive to the incoming deluge of sensations than normal.  And as creative outliers, we also can imagine more about what to do about it. Use your awareness and imagination to create not only works but also the place where you create works. 

Over the last decade of living in more than one place, with four offices, and finally relocating cross-country from the West Coast to the East Coast and reducing to having a single office, I seem to have forgotten, in this dynamic flux, how impactful ambiance was until somewhat accidentally and unconsciously a most recent last piece fell into place.  And now I feel so much better. The surprise is I did not know I was missing it until I no longer was.

Make your space, your space, and if possible, make your spaces be your spaces. Of course, we do have to share the world with others, and most of us do have constraints of time, space and money. But we still can have enough influence to decide consciously what our ambiance is. As I forgot, I thought I should remind you too.