April Snow – Hassle-Free Beauty!

It’s surprising, or maybe not so much, to wake up and find the ground covered with snow in April. It’s a wonderfully cleansing blanket that resets everything. If you’re going to have snow, this is the kind you really want. It looks beautiful and isn’t too heavy to shovel. In fact, you might not even need to shovel because it’s likely to melt by the end of the day—or so you’d think. Except, it didn’t. Or, more precisely, it did melt, only to snow again, once again blanketing everything in white. And then, waking up the morning after to find it has happened again, another refresh. And when you have a vehicle with new aggressive four-season tires and a bit of extra clearance, you have no worries at all about being stopped or stuck. This allows you to simply revel in the beauty without expending any effort, consumed by thoughts of being unable to drive or having to undertake a major cleanup to dig out your car.

I wish it could stay this way every day, for this is far more beautiful than the green trees or the stark bare ground. Here, we have a high-contrast vista with black trees and black water in the river, even though it’s called the Green River. Against the snow, it could be called the Black River, and that would suit me just fine because it matches the black trees, which aren’t really black but brown. But when they’re wet, against the white snow, the brown trees and the Green River both appear black.

This is what I’d call hassle-free beauty! Seriously, it’s not too cold to be uncomfortable, and there’s no cleanup required—just the benefit of the beauty. So this is why April snow is the best. It may not be enough to ski on, but it’s also not enough to be a hassle. Usually, it takes a lot more effort to achieve a hassle-free reset. Or perhaps it’s not that it takes effort, but rather, it’s just unusual to have such a beautiful reset with no baggage. This is the beauty of what nature delivers to us, especially when you live in a rural area that’s out of sight of any kind of population density. In fact, we’re so secluded that if the entire population vanished, we wouldn’t even notice—a true luxury for someone born in a city that never sleeps, like New York City.