As Good as It Gets

Day 264 Week 38 Q3 Friday, September 22, 2023

Have you ever been in a place where things did not need to improve? Where your life was the way you wanted it, and you could just take it in and feel good about it. Seriously, how often does this happen? Of course, we could imagine ways to improve everything. But do we need to? Can we accept that we have been moving in the right direction and getting somewhere? This does not mean we have gotten there or arrived; it means we are on the path we want to be on.

Be grateful when this occurs because it is not very often, especially for creative outliers who are generally thinking several steps ahead about what they want to do and should do and could do and want to do. Sometimes, you can simply relax for a few minutes and say ah. And yes, I need to pack and leave for a three-hour drive in two hours. Before that, I have a Zoom call and probably a few phone calls and emails, and I will probably get out the door, so I had better shrink those two hours to an hour and a half to leave to have a buffer and maybe even permit a bathroom stop on the road? 

I know this does not sound relaxing to some, but I just love this amount of pressure, excitement and anticipation. I will meet a creative outlier musician and engineer friend I have known for 48 years who lives three thousand miles away and is briefly visiting from the other side of the country. And we will be visiting old college haunts on the beach in Rhode Island. And sure, many other things are going on in our lives, but we are carving out an afternoon and evening to catch up.

And I have just completed a minimum-viable book project. begun over a decade ago, and as of this morning, I already have a local establishment offering to create and promote a book launch event for me, so the pressure is on to be more than minimum viable, not a term normally associated with books. In today’s world, where you can print on demand, it is now possible to have a pilot run of a book and iterate toward improvement, or at least that is the hypothesis, and we will find out if it is true.

But for today, I am going back in the Time Machine and throwing a couple of guitars in the just based up, oil topped off, tire filled and washed car to make a mini road trip, and hey, I am tour! It’s a mini tour, but I can consider it being on tour.

And gotta go and pack.