Ask for Feedback

Day 71 Week 11 Q1  Sunday, March 12, 2023

Assuming you are truly a creative outlier, I bet you know a few very interesting and intelligent people.  And you may even have had a mentor or two or three. And I bet some in your circle are interested in some of the same subjects you are. You may be involved in a flywheel or two. And if you have been around and worked on some interesting projects, you likely had stakeholders playing various roles. And I am sure some of them have provided advice that may have been solicited or perhaps not. 

Has it ever occurred to you that this group mind probably knows more than you do by yourself? There are likely many sources of feedback available to you. I wonder if you have ever consciously reached out to ask for feedback. Some of these people probably want you to succeed and will pull for you. And others might rather that you fail. And some will be more neutral and honest. 

It is probably that if you asked for authentic feedback and let those who you ask it from because you value their opinion and have communicated this, you will get more advice and comments than you can even process. You might be thinking this will slow me down, so why even ask? Or they are all too busy and important to spend any time on me or my efforts.

You might be surprised at how much people would like to help you, and yes, some of what they say will not necessarily be helpful. Even investigating why these comments have been articulated can teach you something. You still have the right to thank people for their suggestions and not use them. The act of asking for feedback is actually giving others a chance to have more skin in your game. You might be very surprised by who will comment as well s by what they have to say.

Getting into a feedback loop with external reality can never be bad. It will tell you things you need to know, even if it is just what others’ perspectives are.  This is an example of harvesting infinity. It is a way to increase the reality of your project by finding out information that may be invisible to you otherwise and may be too late to do anything with when it is recited too late in the game.\

Assuredly this feedback has value even if you do not like it. Also, you are the one who gets to choose who you request feedback from, how you communicate this and in what order. This feedback value has many dependencies, most of which relate to the order it is asked for and received. 

Some information is critical early in the process. Yes, I know you are excited about your projects, and I am too. Founders tend to get locked into transmit mode without leaving much time or room to receive.  This is a real drag for those who want to help you. You are not looking for sycophants but for people whose opinions are useful.

Ask for Feedback. It is far more likely to come and also be of higher quality when you ask for it.