Attitude as Tool

Day 253 Week 37 Q3 Monday, September 11, 2023

Although the democratization of technology has created a mind-boggling number of new tools, especially for managing information, there is one tool more powerful than all of them. And that tool is your attitude. If you wait until the ideal tool arises and you order it. And then anxiously await its arrival, and plan to learn how to use it, and finally work your way up the learning curve to be able to be somewhat useful with it, and finally very useful with it, you will be waiting a lot longer than simply using the tool. You already have it inside of your head.

This master tool is simply your attitude.  In short, if you think you can do something, then you probably can, and if you think you cannot, and you probably cannot. This is not the same thing as simply having a positive belief because that is not enough. Telling yourself that you can it’s not the same thing as believing that you really can.  Believing that you can is not enough.  You have to take action. And, taking action is also an attitude.

Just because you believe that you can do something and have all of the internal tools does not mean that you’re not giving yourself a hard time about it because everything takes longer than you expect. There are no shortcuts to Mastery. There may be shortcuts to getting something done, but getting something done is not the same thing as Mastery. For one thing, Mastery is goalless. Completing a project and getting a result is not what mastery is about. Mastery is about mastery over yourself, not about mastery over the outside external world.

Those who pursue mastering others or missing the point. Mastering others does not bring joy. It does not bring meaning and does not bring happiness. Self-mastery also does not bring any of those things. But being on the path toward self-mastery and accepting that things will not be perfect. It can get you to a state of joy that may arise on its own as a response to how you dealt with life’s issues when they impinge upon you.

So stop looking outside of yourself for new tools, techniques, and skills to acquire and focus on improving your internal attitude every day. Self-mastery is the master tool. Your attitude is a far more powerful tool than anything external can and will be. You can always pick up external tools to leverage your internal attitude.

You will have many tools in your life. You may even design and manifest many tools in your life. But the single tool for you to manifest that will have the most impact on your life is your attitude. For you, it can be either spiraling downward or spiraling upward.

And you know which way you want to go, so get on it. Attitude is your most powerful tool.