AVP Collaboration

Day 70 Week 10 Q1  Saturday, March 11, 2023

This is a special kind of collaboration. Assuming you have either assembled or joined a flywheel, in either case, there was some sort of co-creation going on, with the first act of collaboration being the creation of a flywheel suitable for you.  Be suspicious of flywheel initiatives that do not permit you to contribute to their creation. There is less of a problem with individual flywheel creation for those who are not creative outliers, as they are more willing to follow. You must have some creative skin in the game if you are a creative outlier.

The beauty of this collaborative arrangement is those who come together to create something care more about it and about each other, which makes it better than would otherwise occur. This co-creation of an Actionable Vantage Point makes it far more robust and has the benefit of greater persistence, further automating actionability. We tend to honor our commitments to each other more than our commitments to ourselves.  

Creating an AVP Flywheel can be much faster than creating a department or a company. It can also be far more authentic in its design to serve the group because the group owns it and takes care of it. It also requires being the opposite of a control freak. You need to be a collaboration freak! In fact, collaboration is probably more important Than any one project emerging from it. This is because relationships are more important than projects in the same way that behaviors are more important than goals. Many more people have goals and projects in mind than beavers and relationships in mind. 

Having a dynamically evolving actionable vantage point that is being constantly recreated serves to force us more into a feedback loop with reality. And we are speaking here of the union of the external and the internal realities. What better way to get in synch than by co-creation? 

If the greatest attribute of an AVP is the knowledge that you can not be stopped, then the greatest attribute of a co-created collaborative AVP is momentum. The increased mass of the group over an individual can make up for the potential reduction in velocity. There are natural tradeoffs, as momentum equals the product of mass and velocity. Think about how hard it is to stop a fast three-hundred-pound football player compared to a golfer.  Who would you rather bump into you?  And who would you rather help you knock down a door?

Innovation acts constantly encounter both internal and external obstacles. Having some forward momentum helps address both. Ensure those invited into your flywheel have some of their own momentum to contribute to the AVP Flywheel. The flywheel founders tend to have more personal momentum than the flywheel joiners, as it is much harder to found something than to join it.

This founder energy is what brings groups into being, whether they be a startup company or a jazz band, both of which are AVP Flywheels.

If you do not already have one, go and co-create an AVP Flywheel.