AVP Delay

Actionable Vantage Points are terrific for gaining perspectives that are superior to being stuck. After all, actionable is better than not actionable. Sometimes there is simply not enough time to instantly get to an advantageous vantage point as immediately as you desire. And as we do know, the universe is always changing, so it is best to adjust to these changes dynamically. If you want to see a sunset in the morning, you must wait even if you are in the right spot. 

Many times, all the information you need to make a good decision is unavailable. In fact, it is rare to have all of the information you desire. There are times, however, when simply waiting can change the tide. In fact, it is the other way around, the tide changes while we watch it. There are always alternatives in life for everyone, especially customers and qualified desirable stakeholders. Just as people must wait to be approved to get a mortgage or a job, sometimes you must simply wait to get needed information, skills, funding or collaborators.  You are never alone in your process, even in a one-person-sized company with no employees except yourself.

Sometimes you are at the exact right vantage point, but the time is not right. The vantage point can be excellent, but it may be too dark to see the path. Or conversely, there may be too many people looking directly at you under a bright light. The phrase timing is everything is not exactly true. Timing can be very important, but the quality of the insight is also very important.

There are dependencies in life and in business and creative processes. It will not go well if you want to play a concert but are too impatient to tune your instrument first. A short delay can radically change a perspective. The actionable vantage point is not just a point in space; it can be a point in time. We do live in both space and time. Also, our frame of mind changes from hour to hour and day to day. At times a bit of delay can dramatically change the view and the understanding of what you see.

The actionable vantage point guarantees that you do not have to be stuck, but space and time and mood and even the weather or economy can also play roles. Yes, you have the power of imagination to create or discover a new AVP when you were previously stuck. Still, sometimes, a bit of delay substantially improves the view, and this is determined not as much by imagination as by observation and sometimes by determination. 

The good news is you never have to be stuck if you are a creative outlier with enough imagination to dream up, notice or discover alternatives. It is worth remembering that we do exist in both space and time and that a relatively short amount of time may provide exactly the perspective you need.

Actionable Vantage Point Delay is worth remembering.