AVP Dominates

Day 187 Week 27 Q3 Friday, July 5, 2024

Let’s revisit what AVP stands for-actionable vantage point. This is the point from which you can always take action, ensuring you’re never stuck. By zooming out from your situation to a distance where you can see your current position and your desired destination, you find the actual vantage point. This perspective lets you see both simultaneously, even if you’re too far away to see paths in detail. The adaptability of AVP means you can always adjust your view to see what’s most important at any given moment.

Dynamic zooming is the next step. This is when you zoom in further until you can see paths, or at least one path connecting your current origin and destination. It’s similar to driving with a GPS display in your car, where the scale changes as a function of your proximity to your destination. You can also provide this kind of dynamic zooming to see where you are, where you are going, and sometimes even where you were previously, bringing a clear and focused direction to your actions.

This dynamic zooming is critical because the level of detail at which you need to operate on a moment-to-moment basis is always too close to see the big picture. This is why it isn’t easy to be both a manager and simultaneously. It also isn’t easy to be a performing musician and a recording engineer simultaneously. It takes time to shift yours, and it takes time to shift zooming perspectives, but this ability to shift and change perspective is one of the attributes of a successful innovator.

After all, innovators spend a fair amount of time looking closely at things that don’t exist. These things can appear to be hallucinations to those who can’t see them, and to those who can see them extremely clearly, it is extremely annoying to be regarded as hallucinating. But this is the life of all innovators and of all creative outliers as well. We see things that are not there yet and then cause them to come into being, inspiring and motivating others with our vision. 

The change agent’s job is to bring into being what is not yet there but what is needed. These people are especially important when everyone is stuck, when all those around you can see no solution and are having a hard time moving forward. This is when the clarity and vision of the creative outlier have tremendous value, but only if they can communicate it clearly and in an emotionally relevant, engaging manner.

This is when an actionable vantage point dominates. If you know the next steps and can very clearly see a path to a conclusion, people begin to follow, whether you like it or not. I have been called a reluctant leader more than once, and when I asked people why they were following me, they said because you know where to go.  the reason why I am very rarely stuck is because I know that there is always an actionable vantage point, a perspective from which one can move forward and make progress.  in times of uncertainty AVP dominates.