AVP Simplification

Day 57 Week 9 Q1  Sunday, February 26, 2023

Actionable Vantage Points can simplify your life by eliminating options that are not on your best path. For example, what if you have two or more priorities to address and have considered various ways to proceed? Zooming out to see multiple paths facilitates path elimination. Some of the paths would take you too far off course from one of the other priorities. 

Explicitly defining Actionable Vantage Points can simplify your life by excluding many ancillary activities that are not on your critical path or could potentially interfere with other critical paths. Shifting perspectives can reveal unobvious dependences. In mathematics, there are many transformations between related domains where a complex operation in one domain is trivial in another. One common example is electrical engineers perform Fourier transforms to look at the information in the frequency domain where multiplication suffices instead of the time domain where a convolution integral would be required. Basically, this permits arithmetic instead of calculus to understand system performance. 

Life is complex and multidimensional. When reduced to linear, sequential and hierarchical models, much understanding can be lost. This is where the phrase reductio absurdum comes into play. Attempts to simplify without shifting perspective can result in absurd conclusions. Choose your actionable vantage points well. Zoom out to where you can see your origin and destination points.  

Try moving around your perspective vantage point or reference frame to reveal hidden obstacles and issues. The flexibility to not believe there is a single answer drawn from a single point of view is necessary if you want to be an innovator.  In some cultures, all students must know a single right answer. Imagine a culture where there is a single right answer, and everyone agrees upon it.  This is not the way Silicon Valley operates. Iii fact, it is not even the way the United States operates. There are nations where all of the MBA students in the country are expected to get the same answer to the same question. This may be true for a simple physics problem but not a real business one.

Innovation is not about a single answer. In fact, it is not even a quantitative topic. It is a qualitative topic. In order to never be stuck, we can always helicopter in and out and up and down, seeking different vantage points which bring clarity and understanding.

Find the point of view which makes things most clear. This is how to use Actionable Vantage Points to simplify as well as to get unstuck. There is no situation where nothing can be done because you can use your imagination to create an actionable vantage point.  And then, you can also move it around to simplify and clarify at the same time.

There is never a single point of view. In fact, perspective is dynamic and time-varying, just as reality is. Most discord can be reduced or increased by changing perspective. Become fluid at changing perspectives to serve the situation and to serve you at the same time.