Back On Track

Day 161 Week 24 Q2 Sunday, June 11, 2023

Many, if not all, projects require a push to complete. And during that push, we may get off our normal scheduled routine. This is even more likely to happen to creative outliers, who generally push to complete projects without completely defined completion parameters. It is difficult to schedule the unknown, and it is, in fact, the unknown that is most attractive to creative outliers.  This is especially true about the difference between research and development. Research is about searching and then searching again. Development is about completing a project.

Although, it can be difficult to get back on track. Once you have gotten off it, I still welcome the changing of the operating mode. I am working within how long with the change of the seasons for the same reason. It makes the passage of time much more interesting when things are not always the same. So although if you live in a region where it snows, this can really slow you down when you’re trying to leave your home, but you can’t get your car out without first digging it out.

Or if you had a dinner party that disrupted the organization of your kitchen, dining room, and house. I don’t think you would rather not have the dinner party, to avoid making a mess.  Still, it is difficult for a creative outlier. He or she sometimes has to work very hard to develop a routine, to then violate it, and then have to return back to it. But it is necessary. We do not get most of our good work done during a final push, but more likely during the well-regulated, habituated, disciplined routine.

There’s always tension and release in good storytelling and good music composition. We cannot achieve a resolution unless there is first tension. We would not be so excited about the end of the story if there were not some difficulties along the way. So, although it can be distressing to get off track and increase your entropy, you can’t get organized unless you were previously disorganized. And the only force to counter the naturally occurring entropy is the work of getting organized, which is just another way of getting back on track.

But getting back on track is not the same thing as staying on track, which could become too boring because it is too predictable and, therefore not require as much attention, adaptation, and vigilance. We all like to have the excuse to pay more attention, create more order, and reduce entropy. And the changing seasons provide us with the impetus to do this every few months because a lot changes our situation if you live in a place that has seasons.

Even if the weather outside does not change, the weather inside most certainly does. We create our own seasons internally all the time, and they have periodicity and a rhythm to get back on track.