Be Here Now

Day 301 Week 44 Q4 Sunday, October 29, 2023

There is really only one place you can be. You can only be here now. If you are somewhere else than here, where are you? There is a lot of talk about being in the present moment. And this is a valid and valuable talk. It is not so simple to be in the present moment because you also have to integrate the past and future at the same time. But to try not to go into the past, which is gone, or the future, which is just a projection and therefore not accurate or factual.

When people are in a state of flow, they are very present in what they are doing. So much so that they do not notice the passage of time. Many do their very best work when they are in a state of flow, which requires them to be in the present moment or to be here now.

This is very easy to say and very possible to get to, but it is incredibly difficult to stay here now in the present moment.  Many people routinely get into a state of flow because they are highly experienced at some activity that they can perform without distraction to a very high level.

We often escape the present moment into projection about the future or rekindling the past because it is easier than to Be Here Now. And in the short term, perhaps instantaneously rewarding as well, but in reality, you can only Be Here Now, for there is no other real place to be.

Have you ever spoken to someone who was not really there? Not really present with what you were saying, but not so patiently waiting to interrupt to say what they wanted to say. We also do this to other people. Try harder not to do this.

Have you ever been captivated by a song or piece of music you were listening to? Have you ever tried to sing a different tune at the same time? Have you ever tried working on writing some music while listening to other music? It does not work! You are either one thing or another when you are a creator. Now you can put on two different sources of music and listen to them both at the same time. You can even extemporaneously hum or whistle another complimentary part.

But if you try to sing something in a different key than what you are listening to, it is only possible if you can totally block out the external stimulus, and you can, but then you will be only present to one or the other melodies. 

Sonic multitasking is only possible with sounds that go together. This is required for groups of musicians to play together. They have to be at the same time and the same key and be tightly coupled in the present moment.   Any drifting away is immediately noticeable. Be Here Now.