Be Your Own Flywheel

Day 65 Week 10 Q1  Monday, March 6, 2023

Ultimately we each must be our own flywheels. Yes, it is great to be part of a group with common goals moving in a similar direction, but if you are a creative outlier, this condition does not always exist. This is neither bad nor good. It just is. You need your own momentum to succeed. Some may be able to ride on others’ coattails, but creative outliers are less likely to do so, for they tend not to be joiners, and they also tend not to be leaders either. 

Where does this leave us? In some cases, it leaves us alone and depressed. In other cases, it leads us to forge our own paths forward. Is there really a choice? Not for me; there is not. There are farmers, and there are hunters. Both get food to eat. Both are hard work. One has more risk than the other. For some of us, the risk is less of a problem than for others.  We are the ones that must create and be our own flywheels.

Can it be lonely, and can it be dangerous? Sure, and can we do it all alone? No! What is the balance between belonging and forward striving? And does this balance point change as we move from young to old? It is customary to assume the young are racial and the old are staid. Can you become less conservative as you get older?  Are you willing to be called a child when you are old? 

The powers that be are mainstream and, therefore, dismissive of change, and this is mostly because they are afraid. The change agents are also afraid. Being afraid is not an unreasonable state to be in when there is a risk and changes are coming.  So what! Courage is moving forward even when afraid. Sometimes there is no choice. What if you are invaded? Then courage is the only reasonable response for appeasement never works long-term.  

Can you appease yourself? What if you are both the invader and the invaded? That is the condition of the person who never stops innovating. There are creative outliers who simply do not feel there is a choice as creating, not consuming, is one main reason they are alive.  This group has to become their own flywheels.  And this too is dangerous for collaborating flywheels, is difficult and requires great synchronization and great sensitivity. 

Again there is no choice. You can not accomplish very much by yourself in life. That is an illusion. Even if you think you did everything yourself, look more closely, and you will see that you did not. On the other hand, subordinating large visions to small frameworks does not progress society or our own life either.

There are many successful partnerships between powerful entities, each with its own flywheel. These entitled can be individuals or corporations, but in all cases, some synchronization occurs. This is the balance between being true to your own vision and the needs of others. It is called collaboration, but it is hard for a flywheel to collaborate with a non-flywheel.