Bebop Sample

Lady Bird” is a sixteen-bar jazz standard by Tadd Dameron. This “celebrated” composition, “one of the most performed in modern jazz”, was written around 1939,[1] and released in 1948.[2] Featuring, “a suave, mellow theme,”[3] it is the origin of the Tadd Dameron turnaround (in C: CM7 E♭7 A♭M7D♭7).[4] Play (help·info)

An example of Dameron’s interest in keys and/or rootsrelated by thirds,[5] the piece is in binary form (AABC[3]) and features, through the use of ii-V turnaroundsmovement toward three keys other than the tonic; E♭, A♭, and G.[6] The first three four-measure phrases end with secondary ii-V’s, while the last ends instead with the Tadd Dameron turnaround resolving to the tonic.

HRL testing AKG USB-C Mic on Lady Bird by Tadd Dammeron