Behavior Encouragement

Day 183 Week 27 Q3 Monday, July 3, 2023

Behavior is a far better predictor of success than goal setting. Most goals are not achieved because most people, for whatever reason, do not engage in behaviors that are consistent in achieving their goals. There may be many reasons ranging from they really do not know what these behaviors could be, to really having no chance of being able to engage in these behaviors through no fault of their own. A far more likely scenario is people actually do know what to do and, for whatever reason, do not do it. 

This is not to blame them; they often miss the bridge between the goals and the required behaviors to achieve them. That bridge is identity. If, for example, you wanted to win a Nobel prize, academy award or Olympic medal, you would first have to become a word class scientist, actor or athlete. If you want to become tremendously wealthy, you must be excellent at managing money. If you wanted to live to be a hundred, you might want to behave like you expected to be around for a while.  

Your desired goals need to be consistent with your desired identity. Once you have determined this identity, you can derive what behaviors are consistent with becoming this new identity in order to achieve this goal that has been escaping you.  For example, if you want to tour the world as a concert artist but never practice performing, there is not a lot of chance this goal would be met. You would have to ask yourself what behaviors world-class concert artists engage in and conclude they play a lot and practice a lot, but they also perform a lot. If I spent decades taking lessons and practicing but never performed, there would be ZERO chance of ever achieving the goal of touring.

Writers write, musicians perform, chefs cook, and these are all behaviors, NOT goals. And even if you have determined the right behaviors, there is still a good chance that you will not engage in them because, without some sort of behavior encouragement system, the goals are not enough to do the work.  Ut Everyone wants to succeed, but how many behave in a manner consistent with achieving their goals consistently enough and for long enough to transform themselves into the new identity required where the goal is even possible?

Do you have any mechanisms to vote for yourself? To reward yourself for the right behavior? The behaviors need to be internalized and habituated so strongly that you could not imagine not performing them. Only then can these tasks become possible because they have become automatic by becoming habits.

Focus on your behaviors, not your goals. And determine what sort of person would engage in these behaviors to the degree that they became automatic. Derive your behaviors and identity from your goals if you want to have any chance of achieving difficult and significant goals.