Black Friday

Day 327 Week 47 Q4 Friday, November 24, 2023

It seems that the whole world has caught the black Friday plague of buying things that they may not need because they are on sale. This could be even more of a problem for a creative person who is a tool accumulation addict like me. Over the last few years, I have accumulated a lot of music, making software and magazine subscriptions, which during this one day of the year or so much less expensive than the rest of the time that I have come to post Bowen purchases until this day.

Just know that if you wait another month or two, I can get something I already wanted for half the price. This is an excellent motivator to practice the discipline of not consuming whenever the urge strikes. Of course, you are subjected to too many other things that might be enticing, so I’m not sure if I come out ahead or behind.

I am sure of one thing, though there have been a few tools that I have been waiting for two months to accumulate in the music composition and performance category, and since Software has no fixed cost of goods for a tiny one, it is possible to get terrific deals.

The involuntary innovator in me feels the need to integrate various tools into new workflows, and I have just spent two hours doing this. Areas of particular interest to be at the moment are composing music, performing music, and recording music. It seems that there are multiple populations of musicians who have different definitions of what the definitive version of a piece of music is.

My classical music conservatory friends think that the score is the definitive version of a piece of music. My recording studio, engineer, producer, and friends think that the recording is the definitive piece of music. I disagree with both of the groups because, for me, the live performance is the definitive version, and that means there is no single definitive version. Every time you perform, it is a different piece of music.

As a jazz musician, improvisation is crucial to me, and therefore, I regard every performance as a point of departure to explore what a piece of music might mean on that day for that audience in that venue. The only way I can play music and be in the present moment is by playing jazz.

I am not motivated to define a program of through-composed music written by somebody else to be performed several months in the future.  I do not know what the state of the world will be on that date or how I will feel, both of which will have a significant impact on what I play.

Black Friday Sales, do you have a future impact on what I will be playing enabled by the new gear or software. Currently, I am preparing to perform in two days, so this is not very relevant at this moment.