Blackout Calibration

Day 250 Week 36 Q3 Friday, September 8, 2023

Have you ever experienced a blackout? In big cities they are rare but in rural areas not so much. You grow accustomed to not having electricity once in a while. Just as you grow accustomed to having ubiquitous broadband. But creative outliers have been around for a lot longer than not only broadband but than electricity as well. Does your creativity end when the power is not on? Well, in addition to electrical power there is you is your own internal power.

If you have never experienced an electrical power blackout you may be unaware how addicted to the juice you are. Much of the last thirty years, I have spent living in places that did not guarantee electrical power, cell phone service, internet access and even upon occasion land lines the were out too. These can be truly excellent times until you tire of having compromised bathroom or cooking capabilities because your water comes from a well that requires an electrically powered pump or kitchen stove.

Creativity has certainly been applied to all of these situations to prevail. In fact creativity was the original power supply when you kept warm by a fireplace, and drank from a creek, and communicated only when around people. We may forget how not too long ago the human race did just fine without electricity to power microwave ovens, dishwashers and modems. 

When you have a fireplace to keep warm, a gas powered stove to cook with, a clean small river to get water from, and live on and own a five acre wooded backyard to go to the bathroom and provide a lot of wood, and can play a pile of acoustical instruments and write in a pile of paper notebooks to occupy your time, you can live a pretty outstanding life fueled by your own creativity.

It is perfectly reasonable to be able to live off the grid when outages occur and at times even preferable once you discover how quiet and undisturbed you are. That is a time yo can experience your own internal power and just how vast it is. After all it is this creative power that created all of the electrical appliances and infrastructure. SO why not simply turn everything off once in a while to expertise your own internal power supply? You might surprise yourself how well you can do without electricity or telecommunications.

Why not try creating your blackout to calibrate to your own internal power? You might find out life is pretty good left to your own devices. It also works pretty well wen there are no people around too. 

Have you ever voluntarily disconnected from everything and spent some undistracted time with yourself? You might discover or rediscover your internal power. This can feel pretty good even after the lights come back on.