Bodies of Work

Day 065 Week 10 Q1 Wednesday, March 6, 2024

There are many kinds of bodies of work. Some people write books, some record albums, and some create products. Sometimes, people get credit, and other times, they don’t. If you spent your life working there for a large organization, you usually do not get credit; the organization does. And this does not seem to be a problem for the majority of the human race. But it is for me.

In order to have an unambiguous, clear line from an outcome to a person, it is probably necessary to document it yourself and invent, construct, promote, market, and sell it yourself. At least I’m telling myself that because, at this age of 70, I want to have a clearer path to my accomplishments than what currently exists.

Is this the mark of a control freak? Is it the mark of a person who really wants to finish something themselves? At this particular moment in time, I have a set of five different manifestations of my creative process. Books, columns, blogs, post things, websites, and even a TV show coming soon.  Is there a common denominator? Is there an underlying story? Is there a single goal?

Well, as a matter of fact, there is. The world is a mess, and the only people who can solve any problems at all are innovators. Innovators come from the population of creative outliers, who may have tremendous insight, talent, skill, and manifestation abilities, but these are not enough to be sustainable innovators who can harvest infinity. There is a step before scaling that has to occur, and that is called traction. If an individual cannot get traction with their insights, so they begin to become adopted. Then, they cannot scale to a larger number of people adopting through sites, which is what is required not only for impact but also to monetize here in sites so that you can be sustainable.

In my particular case, simply being adopted is also not good enough. In order to do something at a high enough level that is also differentiated, it has to be emotionally engaging to me, and for something to be emotionally engaging to me, it has to be emotionally relevant to me. And that means there has to be a significant component of sound involved in the process, for sound profoundly affects and motivates me.

In other words, if there’s no music involved, then I’m not really interested.  Yet there is only music involved. I am also not really interested.  I do feel I need to educate and inform people, but I need to do it in an entertaining way, and that means interleaving and overlaying words and music.  And that’s precisely what I am working on in order to become a professional concertizing keynoter.

In order to sell myself like this, I need to have a body of work, and that is what I am focusing on right now.