Bountiful Expedition

Day 111 Week 16 Q2 Saturday, April 22, 2023

Life is a journey for everyone. Even more so for creative outliers, they thankfully tend to stray from the beaten path. After all, tomorrow comes from those who dare to regard life as an expedition that might yield interesting and possibly better results. After all, somebody has to do it. If we relied only upon mutations that come about naturally, it would take much longer to get the next genetic generation.

In life, there are happy accidents and others that are seriously problematic. Creative outliers tend to be less security-minded and more freedom-oriented. As such intrepid travelers also tend to get into trouble more than risk-averse stay in their lane types.  As creative outliers evolve into sustainable innovators, for that is where innovation comes from, their ability to deal positively with setbacks increases. Over time, innovators become somewhat inoculated from negative feedback. The mechanism is quite simple. Once you have manifested what others rejected before even coming into being, you begin to realize that they do not know what you are capable of.  After a few manifesting successes, you begin to expect rejection before completion and do not bother to ask permission up front but instead for forgiveness after the fact.   

A lifetime of creativity and innovation can feel very much like a bountiful expedition as long as you do not define success too narrowly. If you only have a single measure of success, and it is money, most paths will not seem worth it. People do not pursue PhDs or practice the violin eight hours a day to get rich. Well, at least most of them don’t. The odds of winning an Olympic medal or a Noble prize may be much better than winning the lottery, but they are still not very good. Excellence is a marathon, not a sprint, so you had better like what you are doing to get excellent; otherwise, you are spending a large hunk of your life not feeling very good. If you are really annoyed by bug bites, do not go on a safari.  

If you are determined to evolve from a creative outlier to a sustainable innovator, many adjustments to your attitude and psyche can be made to make the trip smoother. And suppose you, like me, are an involuntary innovator. In that case, you do not notice the obstacles as much because you are already moving past them quickly enough for them only to land glancing blows instead of a haymaker that stops you in your tracks. 

Looking through the rearview mirror after the events, it is easier to see how the obstacles were dealt with in the past. The path to a Bountiful Expedition does not have to be accidental or as painful if you know a few things. This is why the Silicon Valley International Innovation Institute was founded. 

One not very small adjustment is for creative outliers to consider themselves to be small businesspersons who are entrepreneurial fiscal entities. Sustainability requires positive cash flow!