Calibrate First

Day 107 Week 16 Q2 Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Do you have a morning routine? Why not? Too busy? Have you ever read any of the Wisdom Literature or taken a workshop on calming down, releasing stress, meditation, or anything to chill? It seems that wherever you look, in every culture, religion, belief system, and age, one message has persisted for millennia. Get ready for the day before you enter into it. Hey, they all use different words and different languages, and I am sure it has varied at different times but the bottom line is it is worth doing what pilots do before they take off. They make sure the plane is okay before they fly.  

This makes a lot of sense because flying is dangerous; it could be if you do not pay attention. Statically flying is far safer than driving, and the reason is simple. Pilots are more prepared to fly than divers are prepared to drive. Why not extend this to entering the day? We all have demands that have to be met and interruptions and concerns. If we were ready for the onslaught that we know for certain is definitely coming, would the day not turn out better?

Of course, it would. Am I recommending a checklist or mediation practice or breakfast? No, I am not. I am simply restating what should be fairly obvious. Get ready for the day as if you were about to fly because you really are. Everyone’s lives are extremely complex, creative outliers even more so because we invent more things to think about and to work on.  

Therefore, we would all benefit from some kind of getting ready before launching into the day. What you do is your business. There are infinite sources of advice and direction, or do as I did and make up your own process. I prepare for the day by doing a prescribed set of activities, and as you might expect, I prescribed them. Who else is qualified to tell you what you need to do to get ready for your day than you?

I am not talking about enlightenment or anything exhausted at all, just the relatively simple and obvious thought that it makes sense to get ready before the cascading multidimensional wave of interruptions hits you.

You know it is going to happen. Did it ever not happen? Even on vacation, assuming you ever had the time to take one. So if this is so obvious, why do so few people get ready for the day, and I mean more than a checklist to run through?

Hey, you are a creative outlier, so invent your own but try to remember you are not the only one with this problem of having too much on your plate. Everyone, who is capable has too much on their plate because others know you are capable and give you things to do.  And this has been true forever, or at least since we began telling each other stories, which must have begun long before some creative outlier invented writing. And it most certainly preceded self-help books.

Take some time to figure out what sort of morning process can be used to get calibrated or ready for the day. Then when the waves hit, which can be very small or very large, you will be more ready to deal with them.

Calibrate First