Cascaded Infinities

Day 170 Week 25 Q2 Tuesday, June 20, 2023

What are cascaded infinities? In today’s frame of mind, for me, it has to do with music. A composer, working at home alone in their studio, can access an infinite number of musical instruments’ tonal qualities. They can also access an infinite number of rhythms, chord changes, and ways to process the sound they create. As each of these is infinite, and you have a set of infinities all operating simultaneously, I called these cascaded infinities. This is an exciting enough combination of elements to construct unlimited numbers of pieces of music. And you can do it alone in your own time frame in your own space.

Is this a substitute or replacement for playing live music with other musicians in front of a live audience? Absolutely not. It is, however, an option that a person can take to keep their internal river of ideas flowing when there do not happen to be around other like-minded musicians or venues for presenting their music publicly. But, in this age of cloud, accounts, and Internet streaming, there’s no reason why a person could not put on a concert and broadcast it live to the public. It is not an either-or proposition. It is an and hybrid solution.

There are two kinds of musicians, those that tour and those that don’t. The ones that don’t have a much harder time earning a living than the ones who do. The ones who do have a much harder time having a stable, personal life because life on the road is difficult. There is no reason why you cannot put on concerts when you feel like it, and some of the time, they can be in person, and some of the time, they can be online, and hopefully, these can both occur simultaneously. This means taking the intimacy of the in-person experience, assuming it’s not too large to be intimate, and streaming it to get it out in the world.

This has tremendous business ramifications because new business models are possible based on hybrid performances. This will permit new kinds of musicians to emerge and new kinds of concerts to be held. The business model for music is about to change because of the combination of cascaded infinities. Are you taking advantage of some of these infant adoptions? Are you thinking about combining them into new tapestries of sound and experience? Are you adding visual elements to your performances? Besides, what shirt did you choose to wear?

It is a new day, not only in politics and economics, but of course, in the arts, which are affected by all of the external stimuli impinging upon the artist, and which, in turn, affects the external world as well.  Do not attempt to resist these changes because that is futile; instead, find a way to make it beautiful instead of futile.

Cascaded Infinities saw the way to go.