Cello Synchronicity

Day 9 Week 2 Q1  Monday, January 9, 2023

After getting through security with an empty cello case to get gate checked, and don’t ask. Just because there are rules, created in response to federal legislation regarding musicians flying with musical instruments does not mean that the people you are dealing with are aware of the rules. Even if they are politely saying no and you have copies of the rules their company has made saying yes, it can still take time to get things sorted out. Just be patient.  Remember if you are any kind of outlier, there is potential for misunderstanding and it is neither their fault nor your fault. But as a creator outlier, you should expect it and be prepared to be patient and documented, not belligerent and winging it. In fact when you except difficulty show up early and ready. The good news is eventually everything did work out.

Here is where the synchronicity comes in.  So calmly waiting in plenty of time before needing to board a first flight in a few years, a text arrived making everything even more worth it. The craziness of the idea of flying with an empty cello case to pick up an unknown instrument I mentioned in yesterdays posting. Here is what the text was about. It was an invitation to apply for composition grant to write a pice for jazz trio and string quartet to show the blending of the two genres and instruments. And the deadline is in three weeks and the three winning compares will not only win a cash prize and have their piece performed in a special concert setting but also I assume, get flown out, put up and be guests at the gala event celebrating the bridging of jazz and classical music. 

Talk about motivation to get my string instrument mojo working and write some string parts, even potentially highlighting the cello, because there is a jazz bass to hold down the bottom and let the cello fly. And yes, I can assure deadlines are golden for overly creative types, assuming you can actually meet them. This will be stretch, but what that is worthwhile isn’t?  And sitting on a plane in a middle start all masked up and trying to take a strongly needed and ready for nap, the piece came rousing through my mind like a hurricane. So much for the nap. The tiredness was blown out of my mind instantaneously and everything began to fall into place. Now of course it does have to be written and played and perfected and professionally scored. And all I can say is check, check, check, check. Yes there is no question that I can and that I must but that the time is now and the pressure is on and this is going to turn out great.

So under half an hour on the plane and the mapping is already occurring. Amazing when there is pressure and opportunity and capability all lined up. Makes the cello craziness be a piece of cake.