Completion Compression

Day 312 Week 44 Q4 Thursday, November 9, 2023

Even though I love improvising and think life is one extensive improvisation, and I do hate to admit it, there are times when Completion is more critical than being extemporaneous. This is coming from a person whose license plate is Jazz OS because I regard Jazz as my internal operating system, with most of my activities being variations on a not-very-large number of themes.

But back to completion compression, and what do I mean by this? At certain times, a large number of different projects and assignments you are working on all come due at the same time. For instance, if you took a job on the other side of the planet, there would be a large number of interdependent and independent tasks that rise to the top of the pile at the same time for a date specific not too far out from where you currently are.  Moving ten thousand miles tends to do that. Or having someone very close to you dying or graduating from a program you were in for several years, or any number of things can happen that compress everything into a completion trajectory.

This can be a good thing. We used to have tradeshows to ship products in time for. For events, we had to get to airports in time to fly.  Or people may have even given us ultimatums. It does not matter how, why, or where the completion convergence happens. It will happen. It does happen and is neither good nor bad. It just is. Life happens and drives completion through many means. You may as well be ready for it when it happens.

 The good news is it can significantly reduce entropy, although, sorry to say, only temporarily. Entropy is very stubborn and keeps coming back, so you need all of the help you can get to hold it at bay. This is when completion compression can be a godsend. Instead of being upset about what you can not stop, take advantage of it. Whatever it is that causes completion compression, it does demand rapid prioritization and rapid execution. 

This gets you a nonlinear jump ahead in your life that would not happen without the extra pressure. If you are prepared for this, you can really jump on it without the fear and the pressure. You can say I saw this coming from far away and are ready for it.

Just know that completion compression will happen, and be ready for it. It could be your lucky day.