Completion not Depletion

Day 85 Week 13 Q1  Sunday, March 26, 2023

You may have noticed that neither projects nor life seems to flow linearly, and for a good reason. Reality is not linear. Linearity is a construct we created to make life more understandable. The notion that creativity or research can be scheduled is pretty silly when you think about it. What, you would like to schedule the unknown? Nice try. But you can not de-risk what you do not know, and believe me; you do not know before you start, for if you did, what would be the reason to dive in and explore?  

Have you noticed that as you are beginning to approach the final push for the completion of a project, there can be a tendency to feel depleted? This is natural; you have been putting out energy for a while and want things to be done already. Did you think you knew what the last steps would be and find out they changed somehow? Hey, if this were not the case, you would be cranking out cookie-cutter new versions of the old. There is a choice; this is where Actionable Vantage Points come in. You can see the result, you can see where you are, and you can see the path, but you can not see all of the obstacles.  

This can deflate you or inflate you. It can deplete you or complete you. And you do have a choice. Take a break and get hold of some of your vital generative energy. You know, the rocket fuel that allows you to get liftoff and archive escape velocity.  You must have done this before, many times. Did you ever complete a project, perhaps a degree, a world tour, or an intellectual property generation process? When you fly a small plane and are taxiing down the runway, you must build up enough speed to take off. Is this a little more difficult than simply being on the ground or flying in the air? Of course, it is, but is it also more exciting? I mean, really exciting!  I have only flown the tiny Cessna 172, a plane that has been around for so many decades that very many people learned to fly with. And yes, taking off is initially a little scary but rapidly becomes very cool. The more times you do it, the cooler it gets and the less scary it gets, and finally, it is not scary at all.

Completing creative processes can be like this too. The more times you achieve escape velocity and get off the ground, the easier it becomes. Did you think musicians have no stage fright? You harness it and use it to perform better. In fact, if there were no risk of anything going wrong, it would be far less exciting for me. Overcoming uncertainty is the name of the game for me. When approaching the end of the diving board, you have a choice to do a hard dive like a double gainer, you can slow down and become depleted, or you can confidently run down the board and leap into the air.

Completion is the antidote to Depletion!