Completion Practice

Day 225 Week 33 Q3 Monday, August 14, 2023

As both a creative outlier and involuntary innovator, I generate an absurd number of ideas, plans and manifestations in the form of content and activities but the time has come to move beyond MeaningPlace Escape Space into Published Body of Work Space and Place. And this means it is time to begin to go fishing every day in Depot Lake to Pull Out Something and Turn It Into Published Content that is part of a Body of Work.

And that means in addition tot he myriad of other activities in my life there needs to be added one KEY HABIT or as James Cleary would call it, an Atomic Habit. Yes I need an Atomic Habit one which although perhaps small, will change my life. And I think I know what it is.

The new atomic habit has to be the establishment of a Completion Practice which I define as the act of further advancing from the UltraCal Line to the Body of Work Line and the key missing interstitial is the Atomic Habit of commencing Completion Practice every day as soon as you can which will not be the same time but can actually be 10 AM most weekdays, actually all workdays except Monday every other week when it has to begin later.

And yes this is not generally material for publication but perhaps it will be some day on the other side of of the Completion Practice for this very idea that I am depositing int eh lake ay well be the first piece I need to Complete?

Now what is a completion practice? We know what the inout is, something from Depot Lake and do we know what the output is? Something Published? And Published where? Well you do have some choices don’t you? Actually an infinite number of choices for all intents and purposes. 

So what is the definition of a Published Piece? And this is crucial for the larger works of books and albums are constructed of previously published separate small bodies of work. I want to create a small body of work every day which can survive the scrutiny of others. Unlike Depot Lake which was to habituate a crucial life saving habit.  

These works do have to live somewhere and in fact the places they live are also published bodies of work too. Okay then you have to create some Public Places which are Published Places and they have to be containers for Published Bodies of Work which makes them Published Bodies of Work Themselves.

Perhaps these are Public Ponds that will eventually become Public Lakes?  Yes the Completion Practice is the practice of creating Public Ponds.

Every Weekday I want to add a bucket to a published pond! Okay we are getting closer. The completion practice is the practice that turns a stem or an abstract into a bucket which is then deposited in a Public Pond.