Completion Prioritization

Day 306 Week 44 Q4 Friday, November 3, 2023

All of us have deadlines, especially if we ever want to get paid. We have to deliver something, so you do really need to prioritize completion. Completion is more important than going on and on and on and trying to get some things done without making progress, even if you have a pretty good argument that you are waiting for lots of things.

Guess what? Sometimes, you’re at a time, and you have to deliver the goods and get the job done. Executives frequently have to make decisions without all of the information they would prefer to have to make a good decision. The world is generally not going to wait for you to get everything you need to move ahead. Most parents are not prepared to be parents. Most leaders are not prepared to be leaders. Most creators are not ready to do their ultimate work. Most of the time, human beings need to get something done because it has to be done now, not when you get around to it.

Often in life, it is time to act. Sure, it would be good to have more information, more time, more resources, and more of something, but guess what? Even the most influential people in the world, who lead all of the great nations, all of the great companies, and all of the great institutions, do not have as much time or resources as they wish they did.  If the most powerful people in the world do not have everything they need at the moment, they need it. Why should you be any different?

The ability to make a good decision without good information is extremely important. The ability to make do with the resources you actually have control of that are available to you is imperative if you were to be a successful human being.

You could spend six months writing a glorious piece for an orchestra that will not have the time or the budget to rehearse that piece of music but will sight read it, and although they are world-class musicians, if you are not world famous they are going to rehearse very much because what’s in it for them? They are not getting paid to do it. They’re not being recognized to do it, and instead, they are being pressured to get ready for more concerts with less time.

Accept imperfection, accept reality. This is the way things really are. Even if you want to spend $50,000 on a car, you might not get it in the color you want. If you wait to find the absolute perfect something or someone, or even wait until you are perfect. You are not going to get there.

This does not mean there’s anything wrong with the world or with you; it means you have to surrender to reality and accept it. Prioritize completion.