Completion Priority

Day 232 Week 34 Q3 Monday, August 21, 2023

OK, Mr. creative outlier, and yes, I’m talking to you. If you get to the point where you really feel the need to complete some projects and stop starting an infinite number of new ones, then you really have to prioritize completion.

When a person is capable of starting an infinite number of exciting, creative projects, which all have great potential, and are all extremely engaging, and an argument can be made that they are even on your critical path, you have to change something.

The thing you have to change is you have to determine which is most important to you right now and for the future and then pour some energy, considerable energy, into completing it.  

It may be a waystation on the way to where you were really trying to get, but if you don’t get to the penultimate station, you’re never going to get to the ultimate station. You can’t skip to the end of the line without traveling the line.

Pretend you are on a train and heading to precisely where you want to go. It would not make very much sense to get off the train and go somewhere else to have then to come back and get on the same train again to get to your final destination.  And you realize that, even though you are terrific at multitasking, you cannot be on two trains simultaneously.  This is not lacking on your part; it is more about the nature of trains. Trains tend to run on tracks.  Once you have done your research and plotted your complex path to get to exactly where you want to go, stay on the damn train!

Sure, you could do more research, find more trains, and find other ways to get there, but why on earth did you do this?  Even if you are fantastic at finding trains and picking new destinations and have been doing this for your entire life, there’s no need to continue in this vein.

Therefore, I am giving you permission to stay on the train and to get to your final destination and in fact, I am giving you the commandment to not get off the train. You don’t have enough time to continue to get on and off the train. You know where you need to go, why you need to go there and how to do it, so stop doing anything else.

The truth of the matter is it is far easier to stay on the train now that you have invented the destination, designed the entire railway system to get there, and even built it.  Think of how incredible that combination of things actually is in the world. How many people invent the destination and the way to get there and construct the path with all of its myriad requirements? You owe this to yourself, your wife, and the world to complete your process, and seriously right now.