Completion Time

Day 270 Week 39 Q3 Thursday, September 28, 2023

You have an almost unlimited tool and idea kit and acquire more daily. It is time to slow the accumulation and get to the completion. There are many opportunities all around you, and although manifesting options is an enjoyable escape, adding to the manifesting options does not necessarily bring us closer to completion, which is what we truly crave. Expending energy on effervescing ideas may momentary shine brightly, and the light emerging from the pile might in some way illuminate actionable vantage points, exposing numerous additional paths to get from where you are to where you want to go. This seductive activity has been waylaying creative outliers for eternity, as it takes far less energy, grief and investment to ideate than to activate. It may be a conservation of energy thing that is going on. All organisms strive to manage their available energy in a vain attempt to last forever. Staying in a pre-preparation or pre-production mode is a safe ship in the harbor strategy. It is more of a defense than an offense. 

Why delay things that do not have to be delayed? Are you declaring you are not ready and need more preparation? Or are you more comfortable creating options and avoiding failure? When there is no risk present, I am not engaged. If there is no risk, there are also no possible consequences of staying in the status quo. This may seem comfortable but illusory as you can pretend to be treading water and not swimming in any direction, and perhaps even do it for an extended period, but this is not the same thing as swimming. You can not make a crossing by treading water. You have to start swimming, and even when the pool is closed for renovation, as it is for me locally, there is still a way to swim and get somewhere.

The risk-reward equation can have a paralyzing effect, blamed on perfectionism. Perfectionism is cowardice, as being strident and vocally aggressive is being insecure and fearful. Competition time rolls around when you sense the need to stop treading water and swim somewhere. It may not matter where you start or how you swim. The goal is to get moving and apply course corrections as needed. Any day is a good day to get unstuck and move toward completion, even if it appears we are simultaneously heading toward our own individual completions. Still, we undoubtedly are, whether we like it or not.

Stop dog paddling and start stroking. Take long, confident strokes toward wherever you need to be heading. You know what to do and should be doing it. Enjoy the process, including the unavoidable failures that occur on the way. They are part of adapting, innovating and creating.