Concepts vs. Manifestations 

Day 327 Week 48 Q4  Wednesday November 23, 2022

Hey you would not think there should be a vs. here but an & right? I mean it is concepts that are manifested most of the time or maybe all of the time. Well how about facts versus concepts? Facts are simply manifestations of underlying concepts. Some fields quire a strong memory like law and biology, others like physics and philosophy, require strong ability in conceptual abstraction and then the ability to derive results (facts or manifestations?) from them. If you want to understand how the universe operates memory alone is not going to do it. Memory and understanding are not the same thing and carrying around a large pile of manifestations for me at least is infinitely harder than a handful of concepts, like for example Newton Laws form which you can derive an infinite number of manifestations.

Now I realize that as creative outliers we are a diverse bunch and some may have at their finger tips and enormous number of fact manifestations, and other may have a few buckets of abstract concepts, and there are even some who have both. For me at least concepts are more portable because they are easier to carry and since many creative outliers are supremely curious they often get driven toward concepts more so than other types of people who may be more obsessively organized like successful administrators.

This is why very few improvisational artists make good administrators, leaders yes, administrators not so much.On the other hand real time creators like improvisers can make excellent leaders who project their reality distortion fields over the more sane folks, thereby giving rise to new opportunities, path and directions all of which tend to be messier than compulsively organized people are happy about.

And of course most of us need more than one mode of operating and try to integrate them. A doctor has to know a lot but in attending to a medical crisis may have often to do some improvising because the precise optimal response may be hidden and have to be teased out through action.

Having a solid grasp of underlying concepts can increase your personal power at dealing with the unknown which can be difficult and time consuming to accumulate facts (manifestations) about. Since creative curious imaginative people spent a lot of time in the unknown and tend to be for more comfortable there than those who are less creative, it is my hypothesis that there people (us) tend to be more concept based than facts based or perhaps just have both. Maybe that is why creative outliers are also called gifted, because they seem to have MORE. More ideas, more energy, more disruption, and can be more of a pain to deal with.

The common phrase in the entrepreneurial world, is you can recognize the real entrepreneurs by the arrows in their backs.