Consciously Create Context

Day 062 Week 08 Q1 Sunday, March 3, 2024

So we have already siad in these pages that context is incredilby importnat nd that we can and do create it as we update out models to integrate our new experiences wiht our old models. But there is a difference between the unconscious creation of context and the conscious creation of context. I am sure you can guess which one is more powerful.

The power you can claim for yourself by consciously creating context is far greater than the unconscious kind. If you truly pay attention you can experience both happening at the same time and experience the difference. We are always updating and changing our models, but we are not always aware of how much and when.

The stories we tell outselves can form a comprehensive context to live within. Which comes first?, the context or the story? As our self talk is the dominant input to our lives, our self constructed context stories can hold and support us or imprison us.

This is one of the reasons that conscious context is so important. You can consciosuly create context by telling outselves the stories we need to become who we want to be or who we actually really are.

If we do not consciously create context, then we are not really in control of our lives and instead, we are buffeted by the C0NTEXT, which is created all of the time from many directions. If the internal direction is not one of those, that is the sum of the vectors of the influence upon you then you are really not taking control of your life to the extent that you can. Which, of course is not completely, but it is significantly.

This is where your values and your routines have to coincide for. If they do not, you will constantly be in conflict between what you think you need to be doing and what you have to be doing. The word C0NTEXT is not even one which most people are very attached to or aware of making, this desire to consciously create context us somewhat misunderstood, and perhaps even unpopular notion neither of which is an adequate reason to avoid it.

The penalty is simply too large. If you do not consciously create context, then you’re being buffed around constantly by external forces. Now you can mitigate these forces tremendously the way most of the world does it. They simply expect an external contact and post upon them by their boss, or their parents, or their government, or their church, or someone other than themselves. This permits them to not have to take responsibility for their lives, and instead just comply with the consensus reality around them. And perhaps this is fine for most of the world. But it is not fine for a creative outlier who is also an involuntary innovator. It is constraining for me..