Consistantly Consciously Create Context

Day 063 Week 10 Q1 Monday, March 4, 2024

Yes, I am still on the subject of creating context as the most powerful thing a person can do because our self talk, dominates our lives, and the stories we tell ourselves or the context we live within. And as we do tell ourselves stories, unconsciously, a lot of the time this does have to be elevated to consciously creating context to make sure that it is what we want the story to be.

But that is not quite enough just consciously creating context while helpful is not quite as helpful as consistently consciously creating context, which means that you were creating the same context a lot of the time.

It cannot be the same context all of the time because reality doesn’t pinch upon us and life does change and you have to respond to it. You can’t just keep telling yourself the same story independently of the rest of the world, but neither can you be changing your story so frequently as to lack the consistency that is required for the story to take root.

In other words, if you want to change your life, you have to tell yourself the same story consistently enough for it to be an influence. If you don’t do it consistently, but just intermittently, it is not as powerful. If for example, you wanted to get in shape and you decided you wanted to do exercise but only did it once a week, this is not going to get you there. You actually have to do exercise several times a week in order for Tech, consistent enough to make any difference at all. If you are too intermittent, and too frequent than the sum of the forces acting upon you is the same as they were when they were unconscious, it makes no difference at all, so yes, we do have to create context and we do all the time and so do others surround us and other circumstances. And yes, we need to do this consciously so that we have a hand on the tiller, instead of just letting the boat drift around in the wind in the waves. But you also need to keep your hand on the teller not just occasionally touch it. This is where the consistently comes in if the boat doesn’t know that there’s a hand on the tiller in a way that’s actually steering that it is not steered and doesn’t go anywhere, that matters very much.

This is why we need to consistently consciously create context in order to get somewhere or at least in order to be moving in a concrete direction that is premeditated planned and flexible enough to be adjusted.