Construction Deconstruction

Day 169 Week 25 Q2 Monday, June 19, 2023

We all like building new things. There is almost always a new learning curve involved and creativity involved or, at a minimum, problem solving but what is less obvious is that before the new construction can commence, there will also very likely be some deconstruction required. And also, there is some pre-construction required by scooping and planning before commencing execution. Not everyone operates this way. When the settlers head out toward as yet unsettled land, assuming it is empty and ready to build upon, or researchers enter into a new field that does not yet exist, they all assume clear sailing and no obstacles.

Well, just as inventor entrepreneurs frequently, when asked about who their completion is, respond with there is none we are first.  Ah, but they are always wrong about that, and that is why wise investors always require some sort of competitive analysis ranging from informal to quite formal depending upon the required or offered investment.

But what most idealists and forward thinkers do not necessarily assume is a deconstruction task which often turns out to be much more than a task and really a deconstruction project. This project can turn out to be as large as the construction process or even larger. In fact, this is why sometimes complete demolition is on the critical path. It may be easier and cheaper to know down an old house and build a new one on the now cleared site. 

There is hardly ever a cleared and ready site. They do not exist in nature, business, science, or anywhere except maybe in deep space. Just as invaders usually find someone else living there first, that is why they are called invaders, right? Most projects require a metaphorical clearing of the land from what was there before, be it people or stuff like forests and swamps. 

Whether you call it deconstruction or simply site preparation, this can be harder than starting from scratch. Say a business wants to hire you to write a program or develop an app. What was operating before, and what do you do with it? Even if you know how to do the new thing, what do yo have to first do about the old thing? What was in its place? 

Say the situation has escalated from repairing to replacing. Yes, it would have been easier to maintain it so that it did not need repairs, but in most situations, systems and properties need to be repaired and eventually replaced, and that is when the deconstruction part has to occur.

Sometimes people just blow up what was there prior. They level the site, leave the relationship, delete the database or move to a new town where no one knows them so they can reinvent themselves. More often than not, they do none of those things and choose to stay where they are and solve the problems; this is where serious deconstruction comes in. And it, too, just like the construction project, retries its own plan. A deconstruction plan. So get started because, units you address the deconstruction, you can not commence construction or, more likely, reconstruction.

Hey, maybe this is why starting is easier than finishing. But you do want to or need to finish, right?