Construction Site Life

Day 176 Week 26 Q2 Monday, June 26, 2023

Have you ever felt like your life was a construction site? Are there piles of deliveries of materials that can be assembled into new pathways, parks, shacks and skyscrapers? Do you have to navigate your way through and around them? Is there a project Forman, or does it seem like a free-for-all? Do you workmen show up every morning for work in an orderly manner at a pre-defined time?  What does the day start every day whenever you feel like it?

Do you feel like your life is actually a work in progress? Is it under construction? Or does it feel more like a broken car that needs air in its tires and some TLC? Is there a project plan? And are the resources necessary to do the work available? Do you have the skills to complete your life project?

This morning I woke up feeling like my life was a construction site. And more of it was undone than was done. And this did not feel overwhelming, daunting, or undesirable. On the other hand, it feels like a phenomenal opportunity. Although my life may be over half over in terms of years, it feels less than half complete. This is a surprising feeling. As a younger person, I would have thought by now that the construction project would be completed and that now they would be the declining entropy growing crumbling systems or perhaps it would not be an active site atl, but either abandoned or demolished.

When moving cross country a decade ago, I did not consider my life a construction project. I thought it was already constructed. I did not even know that it needed modifications. Never mind I rebuilding from scratch. It did not feel like as much of an infinite set of possibilities, as instead of diminishing of options, moving from a high population density burgeoning metropolis full of technologists and start-ups at the edge of Silicon Valley, poised directly on the ocean in Half Moon Bay, an East Coast, cultural Mecca, a couple of hours from New York City, and Boston in the most rural area I had ever lived.  

It was not just me who relocated. The country seems on the move itself. People are leaving Silicon Valley, and others are moving from the North to the South. I wonder how many of them feel like their life is a construction site. How much of your life is under construction? And how much of it is ready and open for business? And is it a remodel, or is it new construction? Is your house falling down? Is it getting stronger and more reinforced? And finally, how much of this construction site is in your mind instead of in your body?

Being a foreman on the construction site can be an extremely exciting position. It can also be extremely nerve-racking. And likely, it is both at the same time.