Context Arc

Day 180 Week 26 Q2 Friday, June 30, 2023

If you have many ideas about many topics and interests, it is possible to integrate them all into a context arc. These ideas and activities can all support each other and you simultaneously as long as you can invent the right framework. This implies you can envision and anticipate a multidimensional confluence before constructing it. It could also evolve naturally from the bottom up, but a top-down force of convergence might significantly increase your odds of success. 

Beginning with the answer to a problem can make it easier to derive the steps required to solve it, at least running a more generalized, conceptually abstract form. Premature detail articulation will not increase your chances of completing the context arc because it is impossible to describe all of the details of the larger arc in a believable manner. Too many dependencies are beyond your control to become overly vested in a specific outcome.

However, you can deal with varying levels of detail as situations require specificity in not quite real-time but in actualizable-time. This means the details can be generated far more quickly than the time it takes to actualize and manifest them in the real world outside of your brain. You do not need all of the details before you start, but it does help to have some sort of context and, if possible, a context arc. This arc includes the anticipation of the actualization in enough detail to avoid some of the pitfalls of dealing with what is essentially not only unknown but unknowable.

Conceptual abstraction is extremely helpful and perhaps necessary to deal with complete arcs. You will most likely be wrong if you attempt to nail down every detail. It helps if you are not overly attached to these details but simply to regard them as possible manifestation paths. This emits you to aim very high but not fall very far if you miss.

Conceptual abstraction permits you to construct a safety net for your context arc by providing a hypothetical existence theorem, not an action plan. Action plans are much easier to come up with than context arcs as long as you wait until the input information becomes actually available instead of almost available. 

This delaying of detailed planning is not a sign of laziness but a sign of awareness of the dimensional vastness of the universe and the need for dynamically adapting to it as it becomes revealed. Dream big but not overly specifically until the time is right to do so. The next few days, or sometimes just hours, are all that can be planned in great detail. You do not have to divide what you want to eat before you get to a new restaurant as you do not know enough about that reality to decide.

You can, however, create a context arc.