Context Continuity

Day 347 Week 50 Q4 Thursday, December 14, 2023

It takes a great deal of consistency to change your context. You have to continuously tell yourself the same story and act in a manner consistent with the messages you are delivering to yourself. Now, as long as your reality is consistent with your model of reality, you have a chance of making some real change. We all do this. Everyone has a model of the world they are living in, and everyone continuously updates it as information comes in, which conflicts with the internal model.

Of course, not everyone creates the same models, and the kinds of models that creative outliers create are appreciably different, or at least they can be appreciably different. For one thing, creative outliers know there is not just one universe of possibilities because they are habitually creating new ones all of the time. This means they have to tolerate ambiguity because they know there is not only one point of view as they are change agents.

The danger, of course, is a highly creative person is not always an extremely continuous person. Ideas flow in a lumpy manner. Sometimes, there are many, and sometimes, creative people are intermittent, which is why they need to take steps to smooth out their contribution. If they do not, their context will be disjointed, and they won’t be able to have the continuity required for change.

This is why it is constructive to have some routines in your life where you habituate behaviors consistent with your model of the way you want things to be. It is the habituation that makes it much easier to stick to this consistent behavior that provides continuity to your context. This does not mean that it is fixed, and it never changes. It means that there is continuity without it. It is hard to make real progress. Intermittent deep diving doesn’t get as deep as consistent, continuous diving, which is why sometimes people engage in it. These are hard to get along with. They resist being interrupted, for they know and knock them off their game, and this is why creative outliers need to learn how to compartmentalize to make sure that they have enough continuity to construct a strong context that serves them.

Perhaps this is just a complicated way of saying we create our own world and go and live in it.  Everyone does this, whether consciously or not. The degree to which one is conscious of doing it makes for great mobility and many degrees of freedom in how one chooses to create a new existence and move toward it. This context continuity is imperative if you want to be a change agent and if you want your changes to stick. If you throw too many ideas around and change your perspective to frequently, then you confuse everyone who you were trying to help. Shoot for context continuity, and everyone will be happier, not just you.