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Day 141 Week 20 Q2 Saturday, May 18, 2024

Once you are on the right path, there will be many distractions, attempting to push you off it. Part of this is homeostasis, which is trying to return you to a prior equilibrium. But once you have established a set of habits, which are the appropriate behaviors to get you to where you need to go, you have to resist this and make sure to continuously follow your path. At this very moment, my path is the best that has ever been, and therefore it needs to be protected against the large number of homeostatic inputs, which will try to push me off it.

If the rest of your routines need to be reorganized to support your habit, then so be it. The habituation of the appropriate behaviors needs to be sacrosanct and protected at all costs. I am on an infinite path, and I have no intention of getting off it. Creating a blog post every day with a musical and artistic component is a fabulous practice.

Using this daily creative activity as a repository to support weekly columns and monthly television shows is a fantastic pipeline for content that can be deployed to create a new profession. Some of the things I have learned in this process are that playing solo guitar with some external, humanized artificial drumming is a potent and compelling combination.

I can also practice giving my speeches on my TV show. And no, a teleporter is not the way to go. Summarizing the bullet points that I want to integrate is a far more natural creative process, which is the only way it’s going to work for me.

There are plenty of pianists in the world who can deliver a solo gig, but there are far fewer guitarists who can play bass and lead and Melody at the same time and when you integrate with some external drumming, and then apply some signal processing to the guitar to fatten it up and increase the sustain using combinations of compression and delay and micro looping, well this is a pretty unique combination, especially when you consider the addition of singing.

If you want to compare an instrumental piano piece with a solo guitar piece that also includes vocalizing and using drums, I don’t think there’s much competition on the keyboard. I am also playing two different instruments along with the drummer, which gives me a trio and then a quartet.

Therefore, straight piano playing doesn’t really make sense. It also depresses me of the entire ability to orchestrate and arrange which are both central to my unique offering.