Continuity Communication

Day 101 Week 15 Q2 Wednesday, April 10, 2024

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The world is becoming more complex by the day, placing greater demands on everyone. The importance of regular communication cannot be overstated. It is the cornerstone of community and continuity, without which the pursuit of meaning becomes a daunting task. A MeaningPlace, if created intermittently, loses its value.

Each of us seeks meaning, which is why we established a MeaningPlace. But what if this place, which was once a source of meaning, no longer fulfills its purpose? In such a scenario, it’s crucial to consider modifying, altering, or even discontinuing this central concept. Otherwise, it could transform into something entirely different, losing its essence as a MeaningPlace.

Very little in life is static, especially if it is alive. Rocks may appear to be static, and they are comparable to humans, but over much more extended periods of time and in people’s lives, rocks change, too. I guess both change the meaning of our relativistic concepts. But for an average human being living, there are several decades something that only lasts for a few days; it’s probably not a meeting place, or at least it may be a meeting place, it may have been a meeting place for that short period, but integrating over a longer time constant, not so much.