The seven seas; constantly, continuously, continually, consistently, consciously create context!

Day 064 Week 10 Q1 Tuesday, March 5, 2024

OK we are still on the context jag, and adding more to it.  Not only is it necessary for us to be aware that C0NTEXT is being greeted at every moment by ourselves and others, and the rest of the world, but that we need to actually take responsibility for creating context, instead of having it be just the sum of a bunch of unconscious to us processes. This is a big step, knowing that we can create context, and that we do have to consciously do it if we want the story to be one that is useful to us. And by useful, I mean useful to be true to our authentic selves not to just be pleasing everybody else and going with the flow.

So yes we can and we must create context, but we should do it consciously for that. Gives us a lot more control over the process that if it’s not conscious. And further, we must do it consistently, because if we tell ourselves a different story every day than the forces and pinching upon us, will continue to be chaotic and we won’t get anywhere. So although it is nice to know that you can consciously create contex, you also need to do it consistently or it will not matter.

And this brings us to the next addition to the requirement of conscious context creation. Which is that it Hass to be performed continually not just interment not only we need to not change the story every day, or at least not change it by very much but it’s much like a boat in the middle of an ocean. If there is nobody with their hand on the tiller, then the Rudder is not set in a direction at all. And although when the teller is held, and the Rutter is set, we will be on course for that period of time, that is not enough because to not be on course for any extended period of time can be disastrous or delirious to getting to your desired destination.

If you want to have a destination, you have to steer and you have to steer consciously and consistently and continually you can’t ever stop steering if you don’t want to be blown off of course this is where the phrase continually consistently consciously create context comes from.

Think about it. Can you have a destination if you don’t steer? Well, you can have one, but you’re not going to get there. And while we’re at will throw in another word or two, continuously, as in contantly continuously continually consistently consciously create context, these are the seven seas, if you don’t do all of them, then, don’t be surprised if you don’t know where you are or where you’re going or how you got there.

The seven seas; contantly, continuously, continually consistently consciously create context!