Continuously Continually Consistently 

Day 108 Week 16 Q2 Wednesday, April 19, 2023

This Morning’s Ramble

If you want your world to change, then you need to consciously constantly, continuously, continually consistently create context. I call the C7 and yes for you music people it is like a dominant chord.  I am dead serious. Some writers write first and form later, just as some people live first and then tell the story of how they came to be who they are. Others forest first and write later. They are very much the minority, just as the individuals who define their life and manifest it are.

This approach is not for everyone because you can not begin to format and define until you have spent considerable time playing in the spaces you plan on formatting.  This can be accomplished in ways that are much easier than others. 

For example, I noticed that many of my peers growing up followed multigenerational pursuits. By that, I mean the excellent engineers had fathers who were engineers, just as the excellent businessmen had fathers who were businessmen. And the wonderful singers or artists had mothers who were singers or artists. And yes, I know I am stereotyping genders, but not because I think the world is the way today but because it was that way in 1960. The point here has nothing to do with gender but with role models. My mother was a creative outlier off the charts, and I became that without putting forth any effort. I was simply following a role model.

It is much easier to become something if you know what it looks like. I had zero technical and zero business role modeling in front of me in my household. In fact, the opposite, these were alien pursuits, and I eventually noticed that first-generation people were at a disadvantage compared to those who were following their past bloodlines.

If your parents were college-educated homeowners, it was easier for you to imagine being a college-educated homeowner. If your parents were drug addicts or alcoholics, that was an easier path to follow. I remember my sister asking my mother when she was a teenager if it was true that you had to have a master’s degree before you got married. And my mother, without missing a beat, said that was true. And guess what my sister did?

The point is if you want to pursue any path, then it helps to immerse yourself in the context by doing the C7 mentioned above. And yes, it has to be always, and yes, it has to be conscious if you are to overcome the prior programming of your upbringing. Or at least it is much easier to change when you have already formatted your life before living it. We all know people who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they were young, and these people did have fewer false starts.

I am not advocating that you have to know exactly what you want to do before doing it, but I am acknowledging it can make life easier when the path is clear instead of hidden. If your parents are doctors and lawyers, it is easier to become doctors and lawyers. I wanted to be a musician, scientist and businessperson, and there was none of any of these growing up in my family except for a bit of mild disdain for all three, which did tend to get in the way of my development in all of these areas.

If there is a future you feel drawn to and can imagine living that life, increase your chances by consciously constantly, continuously, continually consistently creating that context.