Day 025 Week 04 Q1 Thursday, January 25, 2024

When you write a book, get a purchase order for a pile of them, do some concertizing musical talks, are about to begin to have your first media-rich columns regularly published in the leading regional contemporary newspaper, and a few days later are about to be featured on a 30-minute cable tv show, you get the sense that something is up.

Exactly what is up is not clear, but evidently, opportunities are arising, and it appears that you are embarking upon the next phase in your life. None of this was quite accidental, nor was all of it quite planned. It’s just the convergence of a large number of small efforts coming together at the same time. The small efforts are all behaviors that are consistent with who you think you are and who you intend to become. None of them were goals per se. 

And their convergence could not have been planned and orchestrated. But now that convergence is occurring, it can be choreographed. This has to do with the number of stakeholders involved in the process and the set of relationships that have been created and are being created.

More on this topic at a later date.